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          • Industrial Robots
          • Robot Peripherals
          • Motion Control
          • Machine Vision
          • 3C Industry
          • New Energy Industry
          • HEA Industry
          • Automobile Industry
          • Packaging Industry
          • LCD Industry
          • PCB Industry
          • LED Display Industry

          3C Industry Solutions

          In the past 20 years, we have been committed to the automation transformation scheme of 3C field (...

          New Energy Industry Solutions

          With the support of national policy and market demand, electric vehicles have become a hot industry...

          HEA Industry Solutions

          With the rise of manufacturing costs and market competition in the household electric appliance, im...

          Automobile Industry Solutions

          The automobile industry is accelerating to realise transformation and upgrading and realizing the i...

          Packaging Industry Solutions

          From the semi-automatic glue flow line to the full-automatic boutique box production line and the c...

          LCD Industry Solutions

          In recent years, China‘s LCD industry has entered a benign development stage. The traditional...

          PCB Industry Solutions

          PCB manufacturing quality not only directly affects the reliability of electronic products, but a...

          LED Display Industry Solutions

          In recent years,the luminous efficiency and useful life of domestic LED products has been signif...

          About SUMIDA

          SUMIDA Automation was founded in 2000 and headquartered in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. Registered capital of 60.81 million yuan. With the core technology and product advantages of motion control and machine vision and development of industrial automation software,it has become one of the leading companies in the integrated application program of industrial automation systems in China. To provide customers with industrial robots, machine vision, and supporting peripheral products, intelligent system integration solutions, intelligent equipment, and flexible intelligent assembly line. It is a national high-tech enterprise which integrates R&D, production, sales, technical support, and training.

          At present, SUMIDA's long-term strategic cooperative partners includes YAMAHA and ABB which are  all world-class enterprise in making industrial robots. The application areas include positioning, assembling, handling, fitting, testing, polishing, dispensing, patching, marking, locking and so on.Service network covers the whole country. At the same time, SUMIDA has a strong software R&D and design team committed to maximizing customer value.After years of technology accumulation, it has applied for nearly 100 patents.

          SUMIDA employs years of experience in system integration solutions as its engine. Based on the advantage of the core products of our company,it integrates industrial Internet and information technology, and takes intelligent manufacturing line and intelligent factory as the development target of the next stage.SUMIDA initiates the enterprise mission of “Let people no longer work like machines and make machines work hard like people”, And continue to forge ahead for the automation industry from “machine replaces human” to intelligent manufacturing.

          • Time of establishment

          • million

            Registered capital

          • Application for patents

          • Professional technical R & D personnel

          News and Information

          SUMIDA continues to create value for customers

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